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H&K Hospitality - professional hotels & resorts management
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H&K Hospitality is a professional hotels & resorts management company. We provide hospitality operators with a firm understanding of the Asia Pacific hotels & resorts perspective on a strategic professional level.

At H&K Hospitality Management our promise is a commitment to being a business partner - not just an outsourced hotel & resort management contractor.

Our expertise includes a dedicated team of hospitality professionals with unparalleled knowledge of the unique challenges and complexities involved in hospitality management. H&K Hospitality provides an in-depth understanding of various hospitality market segments.  It is our wealth of experience that allows us to comprehensively meet the demands of our valued business partners. Our creativity and commitment for excellence provides the competitive edge in both Asia Pacific and other International regions.

H&K Hospitality has been involved with the architectural design and planning of a number of hotel and resort projects. The company has also collaborated with a number of distinguished international architecture companies.

We provide care for owners’ satisfaction, investors, customers, employees and companies alike.
With a national network of professional hospitality services and long- term / mutual partnership’s with owners and investors, we care about:

  • Return on Investment
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Investor Satisfaction
  • Company Profit
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